Diagnostic laboratory tests

We believe that many seek to save time, and that this process is stressful for some. In the visions, this process has become easier and more private. In this service, we perform a wide range of diagnostic tests to identify diseases and health and genetic problems, and to identify the efficiency of the body’s organs at home, based on the appropriate times for the patient.

Our services include:
• Blood characteristics tests, such as: iron and iron stores.
• Kidney tests, such as: kidney function and potassium.
• Digestive system tests, such as: pancreatic enzymes and stool analysis.
• Infection tests, such as: blood cell analysis and blood cell sedimentation test.
• Liver tests, such as: liver function and albumin.
• Glands tests, such as: thyroid function and sugar.
• Heart tests, such as: lipids, cholesterol and heart enzymes.
• Joints and rheumatism examinations, such as: uric acid and rheumatoid factor
• Urological examinations, such as: prostate examination and urine examination.
• And other examinations.