About Us

Roa’a Medical Services Company began providing home medicine services at the beginning of 2019 AD, after fulfilling the requirements of the General Directorate of Health Affairs in the Eastern Province, to be the start for our medical teams to visit patients in their homes and provide services to them. We were keen to select our medical staff, train them, and ensure their complete readiness. Through home medicine services, we aim to lead and improve the system of home medical services provided by us to the highest levels of quality and safety, raise efficiency, meet the health, psychological and social needs of patients in their own home environment, and ensure that it is a healthy environment suitable for patients to ensure the comfort of the patient and his family and help them coexist with the situation Efficient, comfortable and safe through a team that enjoys proper rehabilitation and is committed to the basic principles of honesty, sincerity, sense of responsibility, respect for patients’ rights, interest in developing the skill and knowledge aspect of the patient’s family and employing technology to enable the beneficiary to access the best service in a timely manner based on the Kingdom’s 2030 vision to improve the quality of both health care services Preventive and curative.

Providing health care services to the patient under the roof of his home and among his family members, and maintaining complete privacy for the patient and his family, and that we are concerned with providing excellent health care that suits every patient in the Roa’a family under international standards and controls provided by a highly professional medical team.

Provide the best home health care services in the Saudi Arabian Kingdom and achieve the highest rates of health progress and satisfaction with the services provided to all levels that all our patients and those who care for them are entitled to.

  • Excellence in the delivery of the best health services.
  • Keeping secrets and privacy of the patient and his relatives.
  • Take care of the workers, develop their creations and work in a spirit of cooperation as a single team.
  • Instill a spirit of cooperation between family members and help families and service providers take care of the patient at home and provide them with all kinds of support.

We are proud to be the first standalone health care provider accredited in the Eastern Region by the Ministry of Health with an accreditation number of 16125, so referral providers, patients, and families can be assured that their patients or loved ones are safe. Our staff of doctors, medical therapists, and qualified and licensed nurses ensure the best health care.

Home health care reduces costs.

A large proportion of annual spending on health care goes to a group of patients with multiple chronic diseases that can be followed up at home. In Rumd, our approach to home health care reduces the cost of hospitalization or cohabitation, which always increases the cost of caring for these patients according to traditional care.

Since its founding in the Eastern Region, Rumd has successfully built an effective model for treating patients with multiple needs and high costs. Under this model, Rumd has reduced patient care costs to half the price of traditional hospitalization programs for critical patients. Keeping the patient in better health saved a large proportion of the treatment costs spent in the hospital.

For a long time, hospitals have been meant to provide medical care to all segments of society from birth to death, including those in need of extended care, which has burdened the health system with budgets and human resources. At the same time, the private sector can be relied upon to provide comprehensive care to those in need at home and to participate in the health insurance sector.

Home health care strengthens the family’s role in patient care

Rumd ensures the effectiveness of the critical health care transition process and an opportunity that can only be met in an environment of collective concern for the patient, where patients, families, doctors, and health and social institutions work together to make an optimal contribution to high-quality care.

Satisfying the patient and the family

The majority of people feel more comfortable in their environment, where they find safety and reassurance close to the things they love. Home health care is a long-term care option that enhances the independence of the individual and family and their ability to continue everyday daily life for as long as possible.