Physical and occupational therapy and rehabilitation

We help patients after illness or injury to return to their normal or semi-normal lives. In this service, we aim to benefit from the expertise of our multidisciplinary team in treating patients from sports injuries, lower back pain and neurological injuries, such as: brain and spinal cord injuries and other diseases. . Depending on the case, our specialists design a treatment plan that suits the individual needs of patients, and the patient may receive physical, cognitive, occupational, speech therapy, and others.

Our services include:
• Provide personalized exercise programs to help improve mobility, flexibility and strength.
• An integrated treatment for arthritis.
• Treatment of acute and chronic muscle and ligament injuries.
• Treatment of chronic muscle pain.
• Treatment of spinal problems, including lower back pain and neck pain.
• Sports injuries such as ligament tears and meniscus tearing of the knee.
• Pre- and post-operative rehabilitation.
• Rehabilitation after stroke and spinal cord and nerve injuries.
• Treatment of balance and walking problems.
• Treatment of paralysis and weakness of the facial muscles.
• Rehabilitation of cerebral palsy and congenital disorders.
• Rehabilitation after joint replacement operations.
• Hand injuries treatment.