Integrated Nursing Services

The focus of our services is the patient and the family, we are committed to providing the best results by providing the highest quality of patient care, through highly trained and honest female nurses, extended nursing services are available to help patients with problems that need continuous medical care in order to save effort on patients and provide a comfortable environment for them.

Nursing services include:
Quick Services:
• Carrying out the necessary tests and taking vital signs
• Installing solutions and performing intramuscular and intravenous injections.
• Giving medicines on time according to the doctor's instructions.
care services:
• Providing care services for the elderly.
• Providing care services for people with chronic diseases.
• Helping patients with mobility and commitment to doing exercises and exercises to stimulate blood circulation.
• Ensure that the patient is fed at the scheduled time and that the feeding tube is safe in other cases.
• Take care of the patient's personal hygiene (bathing, washing hair, cleaning clothes).
• Helping the patient to enter the restroom and giving him an enema if needed.
Other services:
• Care of burns and deep wounds.
• Special care for diabetics (diabetic foot).
• Installing and removing urinary catheters.