Wound, burn and bed ulcer care

We aim to provide the necessary care and assistance in keeping cuts, burns and ulcers clean and protected; Which prevents contamination and helps to heal optimally, and follow-up by specialist doctors.

Bed ulcer care service includes:
• Reducing pressure on bony areas.
• Removal of dead tissue.
• Use wound dressings.
• Keeping the wound clean and moist so that it heals quickly.
• Care of lower extremity ulcers (venous ulcers, arterial ulcers and mixed ulcers).
• Avoid the occurrence of wounds and avoid friction and provide preventive measures to prevent bedsores.
• Look for other underlying causes that may cause these ulcers to worsen or prevent healing.

Treated wounds and burns:
• Wounds caused by abscesses.
• Wounds resulting from tearing and laceration of the skin.
• Wounds resulting from burns.
• Wounds resulting from skin grafting.
• Surgical wounds including removal of surgical staples and clips.
• Treatment of diabetic foot.
• Stoma treatment.
• Skin integrity check.
• Education about wound and burn treatment products.